Virginia Aviation Council, Inc.

Virginia Festival of Flight

Great War Aerodrome
Held the WWI Fly-In at Campbell Field
Great War Aerodrome

BlueBird Aerodrome Hangar
Gordonsville Airport Preservation (GVE)
BlueBird Aerodrome

Virginia Aviation Museum-Richmond, VA

Virginia Aviation Amabassadors-A great program started by the VA DOA.

Local EAA Chapters:

EAA Chapter 108/UL-Ray's Raiders, Eastern Shore of Virginia

EAA Chapter 156, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport (JGG)

EAA Chapter 339-Norfolk, Cheasapeake VA.

The Cheasapeake Flyers, EAA Chapter 571-Located at Lee Airport, Annapolis, MD.

National Capital Chapter-EAA 186, Manassas, VA.

Blue Ridge Chapter-EAA 1031, Wincester, VA.

The Franklin Aero Club, EAA Chapter 1377, Franklin, VA.

EAA Chapter 231-Richmond, VA

EAA Chapter 1257-Charlottesville, VA.

EAA Chapter 4-Washington, D.C.

Local USUA Clubs:

Capital Area Light Flyers, USUA Club 4

USUA Flying Club 1, Warrenton, VA.

Other Flying Clubs:

Wingnuts Flying Club-Chesterfield Airport, Richmond, VA.

Other Flying Websites: "Old-School Aviating with a Kick"

Click here for current aeronautical charts of 9VG or any airport.

If you would like a link to your aviation club or chapter please email me.